Valentines Days Ideas

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  • Hetty The Desktop Hoover

    Hetty The Desktop Hoover

    That big smiley face of the famous pink Hetty.

  • iPhone Fan

    iPhone Fan

    Keep cool and look cool at the same time with the revolutionary iPhone Fan attachment.

  • Mobble


    Mobble, the simple flexible solution to stick any phone, anywhere! 

  • Melting Clock

    Melting Clock

    With this eye-catching Dali-esque clock, time doesn’t stop, it simply just melts away!

  • Newton cradle

    Newton cradle

    Newton's Cradle - Isaac Newton declared that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ - this toy is the perfect demonstration.

  • Man Bowl

    Man Bowl

    If you know a guy with a beast of an appetite, this piece of could-be canine crockery makes the ideal tongue-in-cheek gift!

  • Magic Wine Bottle Holder

    Magic Wine Bottle Holder

    Display your prize plonk with the amazing gravity defying Magic Wine Bottle Holder.

  • Wine Bottle Kit

    Wine Bottle Kit

    Keep everything needed for a successful dinner party in one place with the wine bottle kit.


  • Magic Sakura

    Magic Sakura

    Bring out your Zen like qualities with these beautiful Magic Sakura Trees, the amazing miniature trees that really blossom.

  • Wine Lock

    Wine Lock

    Worried about somebody stealing a crafty swig of your precious plonk? The Wine Lock keeps the contents safe just for you.

  • Automatic Wine Preserver

    Automatic Wine Preserver

    The ingenious Automatic Wine Preserver restores the headspace of Champagne or wine to the pressure that existed in the bottle before uncorking.

  • DIY Clock

    DIY Clock

    With this new clock design you can create your own unique style. The DIY Clock gives you the chance to design a clock that suits your own tastes.

  • iPhone 4 protective case

    iPhone 4 protective case

    Featuring three form-fitting layers and a self-fixed screen protector, it guards against impact damage, scratches and dirt! 

  • Floaster


    These coolly contemporary coasters make an undeniably stylish addition to any home or workplace.

  • AstroStar - The magic Of Starlight Indoors!

    AstroStar - The magic Of Starlight Indoors!

    The magic of starlight indoors!  Bring some starlight back into your life! 

  • Braun Wet & Dry Shaver

    Braun Wet & Dry Shaver

    Braun has added to its rich line of shavers with the Xpressive Silk Epil 7 Pro 7681.

  • Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 - White

    Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 - White

    Revolutionising the way we communicate and share multimedia content, Samsungs P3110 Galaxy Tab 2 uses the latest technological innovations.

  • Toshiba Video Camera Camileo  P25

    Toshiba Video Camera Camileo P25

    An ultra compact hybrid video camera from Toshiba.

  • Cupid cushion

    Cupid cushion

    Show your loved ones you care with Cupid's Glowing Cushion. Simply tap to turn on and feel the love emanating from the pulsing luminous glow.  

  • Magic candle set

    Magic candle set

    At first glance, these stylish two-tone candles appear to be your classic wax affairs, but not only does the wick light up, but the base glows too!

  • Magic Love Candle

    Magic Love Candle

    Show someone your love with this colour changing heart shaped candle.

  • Naughty Knot

    Naughty Knot

    The Naughty Knot, the Perfect Gift for any intimate occasion, including Valentines day!

  • Travalo


    Travalo is a new pocket sized refillable travel perfume atomiser spray bottle with PumpFill, a patented, easy refill system.

  • Levitating Mood Ball

    Levitating Mood Ball

    Don’t rub your eyes, you’re not seeing things, it’s not an optical illusion but an actual levitating mood ball!

  • Gelicity G Spa gift set

    Gelicity G Spa gift set

    This luxury gift box pack contains two boxes of relaxing Jelly Spa Bath, the amazing bath product with aromatherapy oils.

  • Seven Sins Soap

    Seven Sins Soap

    Wash away your sins with our set of seven deadly sins scented soaps.

  • Camera Lens Cup

    Camera Lens Cup

    Fancy yourself as bit of a photographer, love snapping up those memorable moments or super model glamour shots?

  • Maxwell Swarovski Ear Buds

    Maxwell Swarovski Ear Buds

    In ear design, crystallized Swarovski elements, low profile designed for best fit. Available in black.

  • Hand held head massager

    Hand held head massager

    Melt away aches and pains as the gentle bead ended spines of this head massager work on the pressure points on your scalp and neck.

  • Aqua Bag - iPad

    Aqua Bag - iPad

    Easily protect your iPad from water splashes while at the beach or pool with these highly practical covers.


Items 1 to 30 of 36 total

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